There is a small but devout group of people who believe Barack Obama, or someone in his administration is the man in the blue turban – the third anti-chirst. We are not among them. It seems to require a very convoluted set of details to shoe-horn Obama into the specifics of this quatrain, however, I have noticed that any mention of Nostradamus sends most liberal progressives scurrying away hurling insults and epithets as they run.

We chose this name as a tongue-in-cheek way of frightening away the hard-core ideologues. This site is dedicated to presented carefully researched, vetted, documented facts with, if possible, multiple citations and actual source material. Consequently, those who see the name and devote themselves, as they inevitably do, to insulting this site without reading it, will demonstrate themselves as the fools.

Purpose of Blue Turban

There is a tremendous amount of mis-information and dis-information (intentionally misleading) both in print and on the internet. There is also a failure on the part of media, politicians, and many educators to put the events of today in context or to connect the disparate pieces to present a comprehensive whole. That is the mission of the researchers and writers here at Blue Turban. Our goal is to:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of complex social issues;
  • Place today’s events in historical context with discussion on how they are both similar and different;
  • Define the terms clearly and unambiguously to support dialog and eliminate confusion;
  • Highlight deceptive policies and practices – where reality and rhetoric diverge;
  • Uncover hidden agendas that are manipulating public, commercial, and non-profit endeavors.

Ways that you can help:

  1. Comment. Your feedback is important in helping us identify and understand the parts of this discussion we may not have considered.
  2. Content. There is too much information – much of it in obscure locations – for our researchers to track down. If you know of authors we should follow, key individuals to watch, interesting related web sites, images and documents, or other data, please send us as much information as possible.
  3. Research. The amount of false information present on the web should surprise no one. We do our best to track everything back to its source. Audio and video recordings, published works, memos, email, and any other documents that could be used in a court of law are considered valid sources. On pages where we have not been able to verify the content we will indicate that the information is unsupported and speculative. You can help by finding valid sources that support or refute the claims.
  4. Contribute. Many of those who support this site as researchers and writers chose to remain anonymous due to the risk of threats against their person, family, or property, or because the content and tenor of this site would be considered a conflict with their regular employment, professional or social involvements. Further, to avoid the cult of personality and keep the discussion on the topic rather than the author, we have eliminated bylines from the articles, and stories may be edited to present, where possible, a consistent, non-inflamatory voice. If you would like to be a contributor, please submit samples of your writings and/or links to your media (radio/TV) for review and consideration.
  5. Funding. All who participate in this site do so out of a passion for the truth; however, there are hard expenses in hosting the site, buying books, subscribing to journals and pay-wall professional sites, covering shipping and duplicating costs of source documents, and financing travel for on-site research and interviews. If everyone who visited this site contributed $1 (more is OK, too), it would go a long way to sustaining this effort.
  6. Promotion. In the mythological story of Cassandra, she is cursed with knowing and speaking the truth, but never being heard or believed. The frustration and tragedy of this is not lost upon those who seek to bury and discredit the truth. Any support that you can provide in linking to this site, discussing it in your blogs and forums, as well as print and other media, is deeply appreciated. The truth is out there, and with your help we will turn the lights upon it.

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